Communication is... getting stuck in!

We don’t just train and advise. We get stuck in ourselves and carry out projects. For you. Our network is flexible. Rapid reaction times. Tailor-made. Convincing success.


Convincing people must be made-to-measure. Convincing many people means convincing each and every one of them. The right communication goal. The right tools. The right result. That’s the professional chain of cause and effect.

Together with you we define the cornerstones of your speech. We discuss the goals. The core statements. The stylistic devices. Then we write the tailor-made speech. Skintight but comfortable. The perfect fit.

And then we practise it with you until the speech is second nature!

Press and PR

Large companies and lobbying organizations have their own press departments. Smaller ones don’t. They all need help. Time and again. When things get tough. Or simply when it’s important.

We are your press office. Press releases. Press conferences. Media contacts.

In crises too. Don’t panic – we’ll help you get out of them.

Event management

Your event is a complex affair. Expectations. Goals. Emotions. It goes like clockwork. You only want to know the time. We do the rest.

We have the specialists in our network. For the concept. The design. The organization. Then the planning, the production, the stage management.

Regardless of the size, the occasion or the venue. It’ll be your event. As you expect it to be. Inspiring. Rousing. Convincing!

Social Media

You need a network for the social networks. They’re an important part of your communication. And they’re a challenge for professionals.

We train you. Everything you need to know about the social media. What you have to pay attention to. What the opportunities are.

We advise you. On your concept, your strategies. And on how to present your company style on social networks. Communications guidelines, catalogues of behaviours, classes for employees.

We can co-ordinate and implement your social media activities. Help you understand how they work. Techniques, trial runs, performance monitoring.