Communication is... clarity!

If you want to be successful, you need a goal. A clear goal. Anything else is mere chance. That goes for communication too.

We help you to position yourself clearly. On equal terms. In the exchange of arguments, views, experiences. It’s your company, your situation – and our view from outside. With trust and discretion. Different perspectives reveal different options. Your options.

Strategic communication

Every individual detail of your PR work may be well planned – but the details must add up. Every action must be part of a total strategy. Without strategy, success is mere coincidence.

Let us plan your success together.



Company positioning

Globalization. Information overload. Complexity. They make it difficult to get noticed. Positioning is becoming ever more important. Visible positioning. Clear identity. Authenticity.

We provide you with a professional, objective outside view. What makes your company unique? What makes it special? What lifts it out of the common run?

Once you’ve defined your position, we can recommend the appropriate means of communication.

Personal Branding

Only people can convince other people. More and more often, it’s individuals that stand for complex structures and processes. If you stand there in the public eye, you have to stand for something. You become a brand, a ‘personal brand’. This must not be left to chance.

We help you with your personal branding. Actively. But you do it. You know yourself better than anyone else.