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„Always remain true to yourself and keep an open heart.“
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Stephan Kloss is a journalist who began his career at the age of just 14 on a local newspaper. After a number of years as a reporter he moved to radio and later to television. Now an experienced cosmopolitan and multilingual TV journalist, he has in the past 24 years travelled in more than 40 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. He speaks English, German, Russian, Spanish and Hindi, and also Urdu, closely related to Hindi and widely spoken in Afghanistan.

For the German broadcasters ARD and MDR, Stephan Kloss has reported from Syria, the Balkans, the Iraq war of 2003, Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as from Sri Lanka and India.

He has lived and worked in Britain, Spain, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. In Pakistan Stephan Kloss also reported for the English-language service of the international French broadcaster France24.

He stands for independent reporting, and is close to people and events. His reports are authentic, as he’s always there on the spot. In his leisure time, he enjoys piloting aircraft.

On the basis of his extensive tours of duty in crisis regions, Stephan Kloss deals with backgrounds and the social effects of conflicts and with the complexities of social upheavals.