Katharina Padleschat

„Out with the language!“
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  • Katharina Padleschat
  • Katharina Padleschat
  • Katharina Padleschat
  • Katharina Padleschat
Schwerpunkte von Katharina Padleschat
  • Training for voice and body language
  • Phonetic oaching
  • Presentation training
  • Non- verbal communication/rhetoric
  • Voice-over speaker
  • Training sessions in English or French

As the daughter of a theatrical family, it came naturally to Katharina Padleschat to deploy incisive language, a clear enunciation and expression involving the whole body as means of formulating one’s concerns successfully.

She was later surprised – and then fascinated – by the fact that a lot of people have problems with this.

When she was 20 she studied dance, singing and acting, first in Berlin, then in Munich. After completing her training, he became a choreographer for Club Med abroad, before returning to work for various German theatres.

Alongside her work as a choreographer, she has always worked as a voice-over speaker for commercials and other items. In 2001 she turned her attention increasingly to speech and voice production, and took lessons from international teachers. From 2002 she worked regularly with Starlight Express and in the Capitol Theater in Düsseldorf as a voice coach, teaching singers and dancers from all over the world on how to pronounce German. Later she had engagements as a speech trainer with Musical Dome in Cologne, Off Theater in Neuss, and firms such as ARAG and Vodafone Group, as well as individual clients.

Her great passion as a trainer to this day is to be a (metaphorical) corkscrew, because her question has always been: what does my pupil want to say over and beyond his/her verbal message? What does he/she ope to achieve or bring about? And above all, how does he/she feel in the process?

The voice has a huge amount to do with the personality.

The mix of voice and breathing technique, voice production techniques and, not least, theatrical techniques and psychology is what makes each new challenge exciting for Katharina Padleschat.

She has trained ears, hears discords and intermediate notes. Thanks to her experience as a choreographer she has an eye for all the nuances of body language. As a film speaker she knows that free, relaxed speaking involves the whole body, and she also knows perfectly well what has to be done if the effect on the interlocutor is not to be left to chance.

Her conviction:

With the right training, everyone can speak well, effectively, and with pleasure.