Christiane Fanger

„Master you craft, then let your inspiration take over...“
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Schwerpunkte von Christiane Fanger
  • Executive coaching and training
  • Event hosting
  • Professional presentation
  • In-company communication

After studying sports sciences at the German Sport University in Cologne, as well as German studies and education, she worked for eight years as project head and head of department at the Mobilé company in Cologne, focusing on the design, production and direction of company events, from product launches to gala events. Here she was able to hone her eye for successful communication with the public.

As a trainer she specialized from the late 1990s in ‘presentation for executives’, integrating her own stage experience into the elements of classical presentation training.

For for than ten years she has been hosting exclusive events.

After taking a master’s in staff development, with the focus on executive coaching, and additional courses in the fields of coaching and organization development, since 2000 Christiane Fanger has been advising and coaching managers and top executives from major international corporations. She has become well known for her coaching concept ‘leadership and public effect’.

Her consultancy work is characterized by her long-term collaboration with different levels of business and management, the focus being on executive and organization development.

Executive coaching and high-level training stand cheek-by-jowl in this process.

The individual approach combines personal development with successful appearances. The focus is on a confident, competent and pleasing appearance with a lasting effect.

Fanger is a coach with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Coaching (German Coaching Society, DGfC).